Natalie Brcar and Michael Morony cofounded Brcar Morony Architecture in 2015.

Natalie and Michael first met in 1999 at the University of Technology Sydney where they commenced the first of their two degrees in Architecture. Throughout their six years of university studies they had the opportunity to work together on numerous occasions. This joint study, shared interests and mutually agreeable beliefs and thoughts on design was the beginning of a collaborative partnership.

Natalie and Michael both graduated with 1st class honours in 2005 and 2004 respectively while concurrently working in some of the leading architectural practices in Sydney.  Post-graduation, Natalie and Michael continued to work for award winning architectural and development practices in Sydney and progressed to leadership positions within these offices. When opportunities arose Natalie and Michael would undertake private commissions to test their own design philosophies and this experience lead to the formation of Brcar Morony Architecture.

Brcar Morony Architecture (BMA) is a young energetic Sydney based architectural practice with a friendly easy going attitude. BMA are down to earth architects who are capable of providing full scope of services in Architecture and Interior Design from concept design and authority approvals through to documentation and contract administration.

BMA are pragmatic planners of spaces who draw inspiration from a site’s characteristics and its context to develop a design that has spatial definition, responds to its place and observes the fundamental elements of good architecture being light and shade, form and function, volume and texture.

BMA like to work with materials that are chosen for their warmth, texture and durability to create an architectural response that is timeless.


Environmentally Sustainable Design

Brcar Morony Architecture believe that the thoughtful consideration of the environment when designing a building is an essential part of the normal design process. Whether it be as rudimentary as 'first principal' building orientation to maximise solar access, a more complicated system of grey or black water treatment plants to conserve and reuse water or simply the selection of natural local materials to minimise the embodied energy of the building, BMA considers the available options relevant to each project and works through these with our clients to achieve the best environmentally sensitive design outcome possible within the project brief and budget constraints.

Michael is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and regularly attends Green Building industry talks and events.